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  • Trying to fit miming, fast delivery of questions and answers, timely corrections, revision, reading, dictation and new work into fifty minutes seems, at first, utterly impossible. However, step by step the Callan Method Training Course takes you from bewilderment to enlightenment! I found the training really stimulating and encouraging. It's amazing just how much you achieve in only a week of Callan Method training.Philip Healey, Potter School of English, Teresópolis, Brazil
  • The 3-day Teacher Development training course for our school took place in Kiev in April, 2013. They were 3 days of both fruitful, useful practice and worthwhile advice from Alison Jones. We are very pleased with these results and strongly recommend that all the schools should jump at this opportunity.Viacheslav Artemyev, Smile English School, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Without participating in the teacher training course at the Callan school in London I couldn't have had the exact idea of the Method. By observing the real classes and being trained on site I could easily imagine running a Callan Method school, so I opened a school in just two months. The trainers were very supportive and their teaching and feedback were the key to the success of the training.Mariko Uehara, languagetown, Kanagawa, Japan
  • Attending the 5-day Callan Method training course was the best decision I made in regards to the future of my school and most importantly for our students. It provided me with the essential knowledge to teach the Method in the correct way and it was amazing to see the immediate results in the classroom. Our trainer, Gavin, inspired us, answered all (and there were many!) of our questions and worked hard with us and supported us through many hours of practice. I would highly recommend the training course - both teachers and students benefit immensely from it.Sally Hodgson Miranda, The English Academy, São Paulo, Brazil