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Callan for Kids

Callan for Kids is a unique and fun way for children to learn English.

This fast and effective Callan Method course uses carefully chosen content aimed at children aged seven to ten, along with a series of engaging stand-alone activities, to offer a fun and lively way for children to learn English. Any competent Callan Method teacher who is good with children can easily start to use it with only minimal preparation. Over its four stages, Callan for Kids provides constant listening and speaking practice and systematically builds up the learner’s vocabulary and grammatical competence, covering all language necessary for tests at level A1 on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and a lot more besides.

The Callan for Kids range includes 4 fully illustrated Student books, Demonstration Charts, 2 Teacher’s books and lively, colourful posters for use in the classroom. You can find all products available on the online shop.