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There are no obstacles to using Callan Español; it’s a new Callan Method course for Callan Method schools. Although the content is carefully chosen to suit the teaching of Spanish, the lessons themselves are pure Callan. Any Callan Accredited Schools can get going with just the books and a trained teacher who speaks Spanish! In terms of materials, you only need Teacher’s Books, Student’s Books, and the 26-page full-colour Demonstration Chart.


If you run a Callan Accredited School and you currently employ Spanish-speaking Callan teachers, that’s perfect. If you need to take on someone new, we’re happy for you to train and monitor new Callan Español teachers without having to submit separate accreditation videos. We know that, as an Accredited School, you’re using the Method correctly, and you can pass these skills on to new teachers. If, however, you would prefer to arrange specific training with us for Callan Español, of course simply let us know at, and we’ll get back to you to talk about this.



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