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Training Packages

We are very pleased to be able to offer the following options for Callan Method training courses:

  • 5-day Comprehensive Training Course (35 hours) – This full-time course covers all aspects of the Callan Method, including teaching theory, classroom practice, student level testing, lesson planning etc. It is essential for anyone wanting to use the Callan Method effectively, and successful completion of the course will fully prepare teachers for the Callan classroom.
  • 3-day Teacher Development Course (21 hours) – This full-time course is aimed at improving the skills and understanding of those who have some experience of teaching with the Callan Method but don’t yet meet the standards required by the Callan Schools Accreditation Scheme. Places on this course are open to those who can already demonstrate a minimum level of competence with the Method. It may not be suitable for those who have not previously undergone official Callan training, as they may require the 5-day Comprehensive Training Course instead.

For each of these courses, the following choices of location are available:

  • Your School – the opportunity to have a large number of your teachers trained together (up to a maximum of 10 at a time) – benefit from the convenience of having a Callan Trainer come to you – the possibility of fitting the training around your school’s schedule.
  • Regional Location – joint training for teachers from a number of different schools in one area, at a location convenient for all – a cost-effective option for individuals or for schools wanting a small number of teachers trained – a great opportunity to meet and share experiences with other people using the Callan Method.
Location5-Day Comprehensive Training Course
Your School£2500 + Trainer's expenses (maximum 10 trainees)
Regional Location£700 per person
£500 for a second person from the same school on the same course
£300 for a third person from the same school on the same course

All prices + VAT where applicable. All prices are subject to change without notice.