Regional variations in Spanish

There are some regional variations in the Spanish spoken around the world, not only at the phonetic level, but also grammatical, lexical and sociolinguistic. For this reason, it would be neither possible nor desirable to create a course aimed at teaching all these varieties at once.

Callan Español uses Castilian Spanish as its model – that is, the Spanish from the Iberian Peninsula. Of course, some students and classes studying with this Method will want to learn a different variety of Spanish, for example Mexican or Colombian Spanish. This can be achieved easily by changing certain words and structures in the lessons, depending on the needs of the students. For example, you can substitute “vosotros habláis” (the less formal way of saying “you speak” used in Spain) for “ustedes hablan” (the form used more commonly in South America). Where vocabulary differs, the words “coche” (car), “móvil” (mobile phone) and “coger” (to take), for example, can simply be replaced by “carro”, “celular” and “tomar”.

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