B1 & B2 Student’s Grammar Workbooks

The Callan Method teaches grammar explicitly and students then immediately practice what they have learned, allowing them to build understanding and confidence in using grammar correctly.

We have now published two Student’s Grammar Workbooks to allow further practice of the grammar they learn in the Callan Method stages.  Students can use these to support their exam preparation courses at B1 and B2 levels, or simply to further improve their language skills.

Each workbook features specific language sections to help students with important areas of grammar, as well as general languages sections full of mixed grammar tests.  Comprehensive sets of exercises practise common phrases and expressions, and correct word order.  Answers to all exercises are provided, together with references to the relevant pages in the Callan Method books for more revision.

Accredited Schools and Registered Teachers can order the B1 and B2 Student’s Grammar Workbooks from the online shop (or, in Brazil, via Jamer).

For more information on the Grammar Workbooks email the author at duncan.mcleay@callan.co.uk.



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