Revolution School VR, Brazil

Success with Grammar Workbooks in Brazil

We were delighted to welcome Dieni Flausino to our London office last month. Dieni runs Revolution School in Volta Redonda, Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Student numbers are growing fast at Revolution School.  Dieni was especially keen to tell us about the success they’re having with the B1 and B2 Student’s Grammar Workbooks. She’s using them in classes once a week – for her students she finds it best to use B1 with students at Stage 9 (the book uses language from Stages 1 – 7) and she then uses B2 for Stage 10+ students.

As the books are still very new, Dieni goes through the exercises with her teachers in sessions before the lessons to make sure they’re comfortable with the material and are fully prepared.

It’s paying off! Dieni says the books help to give her students a real sense that they’re making progress, which is particularly important at these more advanced levels.

For more information about B1 and B2 Student’s Grammar Workbooks, how they can help your students pass exams and feel really confident with the language, please contact Duncan at [email protected].


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