CMO trip to Georgia

Carol and Gavin are just back from a visit to Georgia and they can’t stop talking about the country, the people, the food, the wine…

We were invited by British Centre, our exclusive partners in Georgia, to visit some of their schools and to see something of the country. Nino, Dali, David, Irakli and the rest of the British Centre team gave us a fabulous time, showing us around Tbilisi and taking us out into the countryside to visit ancient cathedrals and walled cities.

Georgia is an amazing country with a long and fascinating history. The very oldest evidence of wine-making anywhere in the world has been found in Georgia and the country continues to be an important and innovative producer of wines. The Georgian tradition of generous hospitality is very strong and we were treated to a wide range of Georgian cuisine – a cuisine which is protected by the United Nations!

British Centre is a group of ten schools which Nino and Dali run with the assistance of experienced managers and head teachers in each branch. They invest a lot in marketing – the TV cameras were at work while we were there! One interesting marketing project is the British Centre Challenge which they have built into a nationwide contest to test English language skills with prizes for the winners. The Challenge generates press coverage and is great for the British Centre brand.

Thank you to British Centre for a wonderful experience and the opportunity to further strengthen the ties between us while discovering the delights of Georgia.


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