Callan for Kids Stages 5 & 6

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Stage 5 and Stage 6 of Callan for Kids are now available!

Callan for Kids has been a great success, and these two final stages mean that our English course for young learners now takes children all the way from complete beginner level right up to the end of CEFR level A2, leaving them ready for popular exams such as Cambridge A2 Flyers.

Charlie, Kate and all their friends are older now – 2 years older – and that’s because Stages 5 and 6 are primarily aimed at children aged 9-12.

Stage 5 and Stage 6 are fantastic additions to the Callan for Kids course, and we know your A2-level young learners are going to learn English fast and have fun doing it!
• 32 Lessons of great Callan Method content
• Wonderful illustrations on every single page
• 32 fun activities to break up the lesson
• 10 short revision exercises
• A dedicated Demonstration Chart booklet containing 12 colour charts
• A large (A1) poster of the main chart (above) – perfect for classroom walls

You can visit the Callan for Kids page on our website to see some sample pages or just go straight to the online shop. And if you have any specific questions about the new stages or the Callan for Kids course generally, you can email Duncan at duncan.mcleay@callan.co.uk.

Finally, whether you’re planning to start new courses or already using Callan for Kids, don’t forget to log in to your account on the Callan Accredited Schools Area and download your updated Prova Guide, Front Sheets, Back Sheets, Quick Stage Revisions and other Callan for Kids teaching resources.


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