New Callan Student Practice Area: bigger and better in every way!

In early December, we blogged about the CSPA, the interactive practice area for Callan Method students at Accredited Schools, to tell you about the improved and expanded content for General English and Callan Español students.

Well, we didn’t stop there; now we’ve done so much more!

New Callan for Kids SPA

That’s right! Our English course for young learners – Callan for Kids – now has a SPA of its own, consisting of a “Question & Answer” section and an “Extra Practice” section. The SPA covers all 6 stages of the course and adds a wonderful, fun resource to help children learn between lessons.

Totally new look and feel

Everything inside the CSPA is better – the way it looks, the way you navigate within it, the scoring system, the feedback etc. We know students will love it.

The Callan Method App

The free Callan Method App has also been improved. To enjoy the new CSPA in the app, students should update to version 3.9.

… and we’re about to introduce something else for our learners:

New Callan for Business SPA and audiobook

Within the next few weeks, we’ll be adding a dedicated SPA for the Callan for Business course – a great new resource for students to use alongside the course itself. The SPA will consist of a “Question & Answer” section, a video “Dictation” section and an “Extra Practice” section. A Callan for Business audiobook and a version of the eBook with integrated audio will also become available.


The new bigger and better CSPA and the Callan Method App are both exclusively available to students at Callan Accredited Schools.

To locate a Callan Accredited School near you, visit our Find A School page.


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