Congratulations to Maria Luisa!

It’s been a tough year, but some Callan Method students, like Maria Luisa Koteski Bustamante de Melo, have made the most of it and are finishing 2020 with a bright smile!

Maria Luisa studies at Challenge English School in São José dos Campos, Brazil. Not one to sit around and wait for the world to get back to normal, Maria Luisa decided to dedicate herself to improving her English and entering the English Olympiad.

The pandemic meant students were stuck at home, but Challenge School were able to offer online lessons. As a result of her own hard work and enthusiastic support from her teacher (Cenkay, in the Challenge T-shirt), and thanks to the benefits of learning with the Callan Method, Maria Luisa managed to come 14th in her state, and 32nd nationwide — from over 137,000 students across the country! And she only started learning English in 2019, as a complete beginner!

“Thanks to the method and my school, during the Olympics I was able to achieve position number five of my state,” says Maria Luisa, “but sadly I had problem with my phone which put me down to fourteen. But, hey everyone, I got fourteen from the State of São Paulo – Brazil! I loved the experience, it was fantastic”.

Owner of Challenge English School, Marcelo (in the red polo shirt), adds “We’re so proud of our Maria Luisa and her success. She was always so passionate about learning English and she took that passion so seriously that she achieved fourteenth place in the state … Congratulations, Maria Luisa. We have no doubt you are going to be so successful in the future.”.

And huge congratulations from us at Callan Method Organisation too, Maria Luisa. Thank you for choosing the Callan Method to help you on your language-learning journey.

Now you can relax and enjoy a really great Christmas! 😊


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