Callan A2 Student's Grammar Workbook

On its way: the new Callan A2 Student’s Grammar Workbook!

It’s wonderful to be able to announce that the new Callan A2 Student’s Grammar Workbook will be going to print very soon — a great new product for lower-level learners!

We’ve made this workbook mainly for students in Stages 4 and 5 of the Callan Method General English course. It provides excellent practice in 16 important areas of English grammar and you’ll also find general language sections to replicate the kind of tasks students face in English exams.

Students need to have their own copy of the workbook and use it, under the direction of their teacher, to reinforce and consolidate what they’ve been learning in class — it’s a terrific opportunity to lay solid foundations for better language learning at the higher levels of B1 and B2.  So much vital grammar gets introduced at A1 and A2 and, luckily, language learners are normally highly motivated at these levels, and they’re busy making great strides. They’ll eat up the exercises in this workbook and learn so much from their mistakes and their teacher’s feedback.

The A2 Student’s Grammar Workbook completes the series we’ve developed for Callan Method English learners. Using a combination of both familiar and original task types, the three workbooks cover all grammar testable at levels A2, B1 and B2.

Callan A2 Student's Grammar Workbook + B1 and B2

As we all know, the Callan Method teaches grammar explicitly, and students engage immediately in listening and speaking practice to familiarize themselves with the new language. The Student’s Grammar Workbooks allow further practice at home and/or in class, and they’re perfect for any student who’s facing an exam.

But what separates our workbooks from the rest out there? One important difference is that they’re very closely aligned with the relevant Callan Method stages — they purposefully make use of the vocabulary introduced in our General English course and contain handy cross-references to grammatical sections in the Callan Method Student’s Books. Another benefit is that the language specifications for exams at A2, B1 and B2 are comprehensively covered; if a student has a weak spot in their use of English grammar, these workbooks are going to highlight it for them!

Once the A2 Student’s Grammar Workbook is printed, we’ll notify all Callan Accredited Schools. It’ll then be possible to order copies for your students from the online shop. In Brazil, schools will be able to purchase via Jamer.

We’ll be pressing “print” in the next week or so, but if you have any specific questions about any of our grammar workbooks in the meantime, please just contact Duncan McLeay, the author, at duncan.mcleay@callan.co.uk


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