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New: Exercise guides for the Callan Student’s Grammar Workbooks

Exercise guides for using the Student’s Grammar Workbooks alongside Callan Method courses

Planning lessons with the Callan Method is pretty quick and simple. Teachers always enter the classroom knowing exactly what to do with their class. Now, with our new Exercise guides, we’re making it equally easy for you to help students benefit from their Student’s Grammar Workbooks.

Exercise guides are now available for each of the three grammar workbooks (yes, the A2 workbook is coming very soon). Just log into your school account on the Callan Accredited Schools Area, and you’ll find them in Downloads > Teaching resources > English Callan.

The guides consist of a table listing all the exercises, a Suggested Lesson for doing them, and a Lowest Lesson. The extract below from the A2 workbook shows, for instance, that when a class reaches Lesson 54 in Stage 4, the recommended workbook exercise is Exercise 4 in the “Talking about quantity” section.

If you want to work on a specific area of grammar instead, the Lowest Lesson tells you whether an exercise is likely to be suitable for your class. In the extract here, Exercise 3 in the “Comparatives and superlatives” section should be fine for any class that’s reached Lesson 41; the students will have covered all, or almost all, the grammar tested in the exercise. Students can, of course, have a go at an exercise before reaching the Lowest Lesson, but some may be distracted by the amount of unfamiliar grammar and/or vocabulary.

Also on the CASA you’ll find new short, simplified Teacher notes for each workbook. These tell you about the workbooks and provide more information on how to use them.

Whether your learners do an exercise in class or as homework, they’ll benefit enormously from these excellent workbooks. And now it’s so easy for you to help them enjoy that benefit.

(As mentioned above, the A2 Student’s Grammar Workbook is almost here, and it’s perfect practice for all your learners in Stages 4 and 5. More news coming very soon!)


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Head of Product Development

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