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The Callan for Kids course gives children the confidence to speak in English rather than just understand it.

Lively and animated classes and engaging activities maintain the children’s attention.  The high quality content, systematic revision and supportive atmosphere of Callan for Kids lessons mean that children learn to use English correctly and fluently.

And it’s fun!

Callan Method English for Kids Play

The six stages of the Callan for Kids course take young learners all the way from complete beginner up to the end of A2 level.

Grammar and vocabulary are carefully and systematically introduced and practised through the six stages, covering all the language children need to know to succeed in exams such as the Cambridge Pre-A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers tests. By the end of Stage 4, students will be ready to prepare for exams at CEFR A1. By the end of Stage 6, they will be ready for exams at CEFR A2.

And, most importantly, the children will be understanding and speaking English confidently and easily.

Callan App

The Callan App is where young learners can find their Callan for Kids eBooks, with full audio and colour illustrations. The app also offers loads of extra interactive content to ensure that children keep learning outside school – and enjoy themselves at the same time!

In the unique “Question & Answer” section, they can practise listening and speaking, and even record their own voice. In the “Extra Practice” section, there are many challenging and fun exercises to help them improve their vocabulary and grammar.

Covering all 6 stages of the course, the Callan App provides wonderful, fun resources for children to use between lessons, and they can enjoy using it on any device they want.

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