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Always look for a Callan Accredited School.

Click here to find a list of schools and teachers that are Accredited for Online.

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Please note that, with the exception of the Callan Language School in Atlanta, the schools and teachers listed are not owned by, or franchised or connected to Callan Method Organisation Ltd in any way, other than that they teach with the Callan Method and have been approved as Accredited schools.

Callan Language School in Atlanta, GA is part of the Callan Method Group of companies.

The Callan School of English in Krakow, Poland, founded in 1995, is affiliated to Callan Method Organisation.

Callan School of English Barcelona owns the exclusive licence to use the Callan Method trademark in the Province of Barcelona, and as a result is the only Callan Method Accredited school in the Province.

If you cannot find an Accredited School or a Registered Teacher near you, you can take Callan Method lessons online with Callan Online. Visit www.callanonline.com for a free trial lesson.