The Callan Method

The Callan Method is loved by students and language teachers all over the world.

  • It’s fast and effective
  • It’s lively and enjoyable
  • There is constant listening and speaking practice

The Callan Method is used successfully in more than 40 countries and helps many thousands of people every day to learn English and Spanish quickly and efficiently.

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The Method that works!

The Callan Method provides carefully programmed language practice.  During every lesson, you learn new grammar and vocabulary. You immediately practise using it, and everything is revised in a systematic way so that you remember what you’ve learned.

If you’re aiming to take language exams at level B1, B2 or C1 (for example, English exams such as Cambridge, TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL or Trinity), the Callan Method is the fastest way to acquire the language skills you need to succeed, and you’ll be able to speak fluently and with confidence.

Always look for a Callan Method Accredited School.

Why the Callan Method works

The fast and efficient way to learn a language

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Natural speed

Constant correction

Useful speaking practice - not just chatting

The Callan App

Teaching quality guaranteed

History of the Callan Method

Students' reactions to the Callan Method

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The only way to be certain that your teacher is using the Callan Method correctly in your lessons is to study at a Callan Accredited School or with a Callan Registered Teacher.  The Callan Method is much more than a book, and it’s essential that your teachers are properly trained to use the Method so that they always deliver a fast, fun and effective lesson.

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