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Becoming Accredited

In order to qualify for Callan Accreditation schools must commit to maintaining the standards and principles of the Callan Method. Callan Accreditation costs £75 per school plus £1 per student per annum.  There is a minimum book order quantity of 50 student books per annum.

There are six steps in the Callan Accreditation process:

1.    Application

The school submits the application form:

        Callan Method accreditation form

2.    Training

New schools must ensure that at least one teacher (preferably more) completes a five day training course.

Existing schools who are already teaching with the Method must submit videos so that teaching quality can be checked by CMO staff. Constructive, detailed feedback will be provided in writing to the school.  If needed, the school must ensure that its teaching staff complete training in order to achieve the necessary teaching standard.

The effectiveness of the Method relies on its being delivered by properly trained teachers. The success and reputation of each school depends on having enough fully trained teachers.

3.    Starter Pack

After completing any necessary training, the school purchases the Starter Pack which includes:

        2 complete sets of Teacher’s Books, Stages 1 to 12

        2 copies of the Teacher’s Guide

        2 copies of the Callan Demonstration Chart

       A selection of 170 Student’s Books from Stages 1 to 12.  (Substitutions can be made for Callan for Business or Callan for Kids books).

The Starter Pack costs £1,700 plus P&P.

Schools already teaching with the Method may already have books in stock.  In this case they can pay just the Accreditation fee of £75 and then purchase other teaching materials and stocks of student books as needed to top up current supplies.

4.    Pre-Accredited Status

The school is authorised to start teaching the Method with Pre-Accredited Status. The school can display at their premises and on their website an official CMO certificate which states that it is authorised to teach the Callan Method and is in the process of becoming Accredited.

Pre-Accredited Status lasts for 6 months at the end of which it is expected that the school will have achieved full Accreditation.

5.    Teaching Quality Review

When the school has been teaching for around 3 months, it must submit videos of its teachers for a quality review by CMO staff.  Constructive, detailed feedback will be provided in writing to the school.

If the school passes the Teaching Quality Review it will be granted full Accreditation.

If improvements are needed in teaching quality then the school must either ensure that teachers are given the feedback and ensure that deficiencies are addressed, or enrol their teachers in a training programme.  The Teaching Quality Review process will be repeated until the school achieves the standard needed for Accreditation.

6.    Callan Accreditation

On achieving Accreditation the school will receive an official CMO certificate and it will be listed in the Find A School section of the official Callan website.  The school will enjoy the full benefits of Accreditation including use of the Callan brand in line with the Callan Style Guide, wholesale prices on books, discounts on training and a full suite of interactive practice exercises and video dictations for its students.

The variable fees of £1 per student pa will be invoiced quarterly.  The annual fixed fee of £75 is due on the anniversary date of the Accreditation.

Renewal is annual and is subject to a satisfactory Teaching Quality Review, meeting the minimum book order requirement, and payment of the annual fixed fee and any other amounts outstanding to CMO.