What is Callan Accreditation?

In most countries around the world, the Callan Method Organisation only works with Callan Accredited Schools, Callan Online Partners or with Callan Registered Teachers.  The reason for this is that we want to be sure that students always receive high quality lessons from teachers who know how to deliver the Method correctly.

Callan Accredited Schools benefit from the following:

  • Permission to use the Callan logos and to display a certificate of Callan Accreditation
  • Access to wholesale prices for Callan Method books
  • Promotion through the Find-a-school section of the Callan website
  • Access for your students to the Callan Student Practice Area online platform
  • Teacher Quality Assurance – experienced Callan Method Organisation staff review videos of your teachers to provide detailed written feedback, coaching and support
  • Discounts on all Callan teacher training courses

In order to become Callan Accredited, a school agrees that:

  • Its teachers understand and comply with our guidance on how to teach with the Callan Method either through internal training or by attending an official Callan Method training course
  • Each student buys the appropriate Callan Method book or eBook, and that illegal counterfeiting or copying will not be tolerated
  • It will use the Callan brand only in accordance with our policies and Style Guide

The Accreditation Process

Step 1   Please complete the form below to start the process.  We will then be in touch to arrange a call to get to know you and to find out more about your school and your plans.  If you and we decide to go ahead we will give you a log-in to our administration system so that you can complete the full application form.

Step 2   If you already teach with the Method we will ask you to submit videos of your teaching so that we can check that you are delivering it correctly.  If you do not have Callan experience we will help you find a convenient training course.

Step 3  The next step is for you to buy materials for you and your teachers (Teacher’s Books, charts etc) and enough Student’s Books to get started.  We will advise you on sensible stock levels.

Step 4  At this point you will have ‘Pre-Accredited Status’ and will be allowed to start teaching although without all the benefits of Accreditation.  Pre-Accreditation lasts for six months after which we expect you to have achieved full Accreditation.

Step 5  When you have been teaching for about 3 months you must submit videos of your teachers delivering the Callan Method in the classroom.  If these videos pass the CMO quality review you will be granted full Accreditation.  You will need to submit videos of a representative sample of your teachers each year to maintain your Accreditation.

Accreditation Application

Please note that we are unable to offer Callan Accreditation to any more schools in: Krakow, Poland; Warsaw, Poland; Barcelona Province, Spain; São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil.

If you would like to register as an independent teacher please contact us at accreditation@callan.co.uk to find out whether this arrangement is available in your country.

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If you have any questions about Callan Accreditation, please do get in touch.

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