Using the Callan Method in your school

Do you want your school to stand out from the crowd and attract more students? The Callan Method can help you do just that. Watch the video to hear from teachers and school owners around the world and read about all the benefits of the Method below.

The benefits of the Callan Method for schools

  • Popular The Callan Method is known around the world for its fun and effective lessons, and schools using the Method can boost student numbers by being affiliated with the Callan brand.

  • Simple administration The Callan Method requires the use of no equipment apart from the Teacher’s Book and the Student’s Book (and a simple demonstration chart for lower-level courses). If you have the books, and a room, you can use the Method to full effect.

  • Negligible lesson planning The Callan Method books are designed so that all new language is systematically revised in later lessons. This means almost no lesson planning is required, which saves time for teachers and, in many cases, money for schools.

  • Easy quality control A common issue for anyone running an English language school is that of not knowing what is going on in lessons and whether teachers are performing adequately.   Schools that adopt the Callan Method report that this aspect of management suddenly becomes straightforward. The carefully written Teacher’s Books mean that school managers know precisely what teachers are doing, and the unique way in which the lessons are delivered means that there really is a ‘right way’ and a ‘wrong way’ to do it. So, it is easy to spot when an inexperienced teacher needs a little further training or help.

  • Quick and easy teacher training Initial training in how to use the Callan Method only takes one week, as opposed to the usual 4 weeks for many ELT courses/qualifications.

  • Comprehensive online platform for students The Callan Student Practice Area (CSPA) is available only to students at Callan Accredited Schools. At every Stage it offers video dictations with auto-correction; a unique listen, record and compare module to help with pronunciation; and lots of interactive exercises to practise vocabulary and grammar.

  • Unique Online Callan Classroom The Online Callan Classroom (OCC) provides our Accredited Schools and Registered Teachers with a professional, secure and reliable online teaching environment uniquely tailored for the effective online delivery of Callan Method lessons.
    “Yesterday, I ran my first complete lesson with OCC and it worked like a charm. Audio and video much cleaner than other platforms I’ve been using these past weeks. With the Callan books on the screen, I never have to look away, so I look more professional. The demo charts are very handy – don’t need to fumble around pointing the pictures at the camera. All in all, very cool platform.” – School Director, Capitol City English, Rome


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