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Welcome to the Callan Method website.  The Callan Method teaches you English and Spanish in an active, fun and dynamic way.  Please look around to find out more.  Existing customers – please log in to find the Online Shop and other resources.

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English for everyone...

and Spanish too!

General English

The world-famous Callan Method General English course. For everyone from beginners right up to C1/C2 level

Callan for Kids

A fun, engaging course which introduces children to English and enables them to speak the language with confidence.

Callan for Business

A high level course for people who want to use English in a professional context.

Callan Español

Our Callan Español course uses the Callan Method principles to teach Spanish up to DELE B1 and UK GCSE level. The focus is on speaking and writing fluently and correctly.

Digital resources

The free Callan Method App means that, wherever they are, Callan Method students can access their eBooks and audio. Also on the app (or online), students can visit the Callan Student Practice Area, full of unique exercises designed to complement and consolidate learning from their Callan Method course.

For teaching lessons online, Callan Accredited Schools have the Online Callan Classroom (OCC). With integrated Teacher’s eBooks, visual aids, lesson scheduling and many other bespoke features, the OCC makes it easy to run great online courses with the Callan Method.

“Yesterday, I ran my first complete lesson with OCC and it worked like a charm. Audio and video much cleaner than other platforms I’ve been using these past weeks. With the Callan books on the screen, I never have to look away, so I look more professional. The demo charts are very handy – don’t need to fumble around pointing the pictures at the camera. All in all, very cool platform.” – School Director, Capitol City English, Rome


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