New updated edition of Callan English out now!

We are delighted to announce that the new 3rd Edition of Callan English has arrived!

We’ve been working on this updated edition for over two years and early feedback from teachers is fantastic!

“I absolute LOVE the new editions! I have already looked through the first five stages and I am thrilled!  And I had the same reaction from the other teachers!” (SMILE School, Ukraine).

“It’s cleaner, it’s more up to date – what was already A is now A+++++” (USK Group, Brazil)

The 3rd Edition of Callan English brings vocabulary, grammar and usage up to date and aligns the stages of the course more closely with the CEFR.  Other changes include greatly enhanced teacher-led tests as well as student self-checks, and the books are integrated more closely with the online materials in the Callan App.

Duncan McLeay, author of the 3rd Edition , says: “The core principles of the Callan Method remain unchanged: the dynamic question-and-answer format and fast-paced lesson build confidence in speaking and listening skills.  The constant correction and systematic revision are designed to ensure that correct grammar and pronunciation become second nature for students.”

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