The Callan Method is an extremely fast and effective way of teaching English, but students won’t get the maximum benefit from their lessons unless the Method is used correctly. This is why teacher training is so essential.

The Callan Method is made up of two elements: the material contained in the books, and the way in which that material is delivered in class. Although it is essentially a scripted Method, there is far more to teaching a Callan class well than simply reading from the book. Before using the Callan Method, it’s important that teachers understand the ideas behind it and know exactly why things are done as they are.

Prague Regional Training Course, August 2018

What’s even more important for teachers is learning to put this theory into practice in the classroom in the right way. This is why the majority of a Callan Method training course is devoted to practising the fundamental elements of the Method, with constant help and feedback from experienced Callan trainers. Whether preparing new teachers for their first steps in a Callan classroom, or helping those with more experience to develop their skills in order to meet the standards required for Callan Method Accreditation, focused practice is the key to improving performance.

The training department is headed by Alison Jones and Gavin Best, who between them have more than 40 years’ experience of Callan Method teaching and training.

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