Quick Breaks for Kids

Each stage of Callan for Kids includes lots of great activities along with the Callan Method Q&A work, readings and dictations.  These activities add variety to the classes and revise systematically the language the class is covering in the core course.

However, many teachers find that the children need additional “quick breaks” during the classes and have asked us for ideas.  Accredited Schools and Registered Teachers can now download the Callan for Kids – Quick Breaks PDF from the CASA platform.

The Quick Breaks are short, simple activities for classroom use, and can be enjoyed in addition to the activities within the Callan for Kids books.  We’ve provided a description of each activity together with an indication of the level of English required and any preparation needed before the lesson.  Quick Breaks include:

  • What can you do with…?
  • Musical chairs
  • My turn!
  • One foot in front
  • What’s in Mrs Best’s bag?
  • Zoo!

Quick Breaks are exactly that – quick breaks – they are not part of the Callan for Kids learning path, in
that they do not target directly language that has already been covered in the Callan for Kids course.
The focus is on allowing children to ‘refresh’ for a few minutes, and they should be considered as an
option when you feel that a class is reaching the end of their concentration span.  Experienced teachers can, of course, use any activity they like to give a class a quick break, but we hope that our ideas are simple, useful and enjoyable. All of them are repeatable, and almost all can be easily adapted to focus on different language areas.



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