We’ve joined the Carbon Club!

The Callan Method Organisation tries to minimise our impact on the environment whenever we can.

However, there are times when it is necessary for us to take flights, to provide training courses in other countries for instance.  When we hold training courses in London we recognise that this means a number of people have to fly here.

CMO has now joined the Carbon Club, run by Forest Carbon.  Through this scheme we make regular monthly contributions to enable the planting of trees in new UK woodlands.  These trees directly capture carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and help to mitigate the environmental impact of the flights we need to make.

As well as capturing CO2, trees improve air quality by trapping harmful dust particles and by absorbing gases like sulphur dioxide and ozone.  Woods promote biodiversity, enhance the landscape and provide healthy, outdoor, spaces for recreation.

To find out more about the Carbon Club please visit www.forestcarbon.co.uk.



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