Callan’s online platform is now even better!

Everyone in the Callan world can now benefit from the recent developments we’ve made to the Callan Student Practice Area (the CSPA).

We have greatly expanded the content of both the English and Spanish platforms. The Language Exercise section now includes new task types, and we have added hundreds of new items. The look and feel of the Question & Answer section has also been improved, and students are now presented with a clear, intuitive ‘path’ through each item that more closely mimics their classroom experience and maximizes learning.

A common issue in many countries is that busy students can only attend language lessons once or twice a week. Regular use of the CSPA, however, massively increases their ability to retain information from one lesson to the next and consequently make faster progress.

It’s also worth remembering that the CSPA, while obviously revising vocabulary, places importance on practising grammatical forms and structures, especially important areas of learning that often go unnoticed, such as collocation (“depend of” or “depend on”?). This is of huge benefit to students; such aspects of accuracy are often directly targeted in language exams.

The CSPA is accessible on any device but perhaps the most convenient way for most people to use it is via the Callan App – it’s free, and it puts the CSPA in people’s pockets wherever they may be.


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