New digital products

Following on from the release of the Callan for Business SPA and eBook last month, we are very proud to announce the release of more great digital products for Callan Method students.

The main news is that Callan for Kids eBooks are now available for all six stages. These have the same wonderful design as the printed books, contain hundreds of colour illustrations, and are great fun to use. All 96 Lessons of our young learners course are there together with audio, so kids can listen along while they read.

In addition to these new eBooks, there is a Callan for Kids audio book available for every stage, and a Callan for Business audio book for students working with our B2+ level Business English course.

These great additions mean that all Callan Method courses now offer the full Callan package for students: printed books, eBooks, audio books, and a dedicated online practice area.

 With many lessons currently taking place online, we are so pleased to have been able to expand our range of digital products so quickly. We hope everyone in the Callan Method world enjoys using them!


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