Surviving and succeeding during the crisis

Mariana Bittencourt, from Cuppa English in Londrina, Brazil, writes:

It was about the end of last year when told CMO I was prepared to upgrade from Registered Teacher to Accredited School. As soon as I did it, I started working on the details I needed for the upgrade to be complete. Even though it was a lot of work piling up on the other lot of work I already had on my plate, I was very excited.

You bet I did not see Covid-19 pandemics coming, and when we had to start social distancing in our city, I had barely received all the furniture for my new place. It was the beginning of March, and at the time, we thought that in 2 months maximum the situation would be under control, so we decided to anticipate our holidays. It soon became clear it would not be enough, though. After a brief time of confusion about how to continue with the process amid all the changes everybody was going through, the establishment of the Online Callan Classroom was essential and brought many answers I sought.

The resources available on the Online Classroom have been bringing my students and me very near-to-classroom experiences in our online meetings. The prompt tool is clever and easy to use, and the classroom chart was very well thought of.

In such difficult days, I really would not ask for more than my family being healthy and well. Yet, I find I have some other blessings to count. Being able to connect with my students in these tough times and carrying on with my commitment of teaching them English with the Callan Method brings peace and joy to my days, and is certainly one of those blessings.

Not only was I able to carry on working, I was also able to continue expanding my business, with all the support from CMO, which from day one has been showing itself once again very supportive and dependable. New students keep coming, and it is easy to show them the potential of our teaching with this custom made platform.

Even in the hardest moment I have ever faced, I am still grateful for having chosen to work with this amazing company. Thanks, CMO, for providing us with great tools, which make our working from home possible, efficient and fun.

Thank you Mariana.  We wish you, your family and everyone at Cuppa English continued health and success.


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