Introducing Callan Teaching Services

The language teaching business may have changed forever as a result of the Covid crisis. So, Callan Method Organisation are continuing to introduce new ideas that will put Callan Accredited Schools in a strong position to be able to adapt and grow. Our latest initiative is Callan Teaching Services.

We know that some schools are restricted in what they can offer because they simply do not have the teachers with the necessary skills. Perhaps, for example, you don’t have Spanish speakers to teach Callan Español, or your tutors aren’t comfortable teaching kids. Maybe it’s even that you can’t find teachers to offer online classes at all. Now you can use Callan Teaching Services: our highly trained Callan teachers will deliver online classes on behalf of your school. You only pay for the lessons they teach, meaning you can provide your students with high-quality online teaching whilst considerably reducing your overall teacher costs.

We’ve made it really easy for you – schools can just purchase credits in the same way that they do for eBooks, and use them as and when they like. Each credit pays for one lesson, and you can choose whichever course(s) you like.

To find out more, contact the team at cmo@callan.co.uk


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In addition to our range of books and eBooks, you will also have access to our exclusive online platform, with interactive exercises, video dictations and a record-your-voice pronunciation checker, plus audio recordings of all the course material.

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