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Phrases and collocations

Much language often exists in common groups or clusters of words, and the idea that learners can benefit from being made aware of such groupings is well known. Words may exist in groups because they form a fixed expression (e.g. “What a pity!”, “as a rule” etc.) or because they collocate strongly or are just used together frequently (e.g. “a heavy sleeper”, “… at the end of …”). Of course, the Callan Method teaches common phrases and idioms, but it takes word grouping into account in several other ways as well:

  • The main content of the Callan Method books ensures that students are continually exposed to common collocations and groupings.
  • When a class does a dictation, each part of every sentence is delivered as a natural grouping of words.
  • Callan Method teachers speak along with students during their answers. The aim is to speak as fluently as possible ‘alongside’ the student to lend support as and when it is needed, but the teacher also makes sure that any momentary pause in their delivery always occurs at a natural boundary between word groups or phrases.
  • The Callan B1 and B2 Grammar Practice Workbooks place great emphasis on phrasing and collocation.

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